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The Citi Collective Seconds Sale

Citi Collective is a firm believer in quality, the responsible consumption of goods to minimize waste, and that no one, or Company, is perfect.  These values led us to create the first Citi Collective Seconds Sale. 

We care deeply about exceeding your expectations so we are very meticulous during our inspection process. Before shipping each order, we carefully inspect each bag. Any Citi bag with minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections is considered “second” in quality and will not be shipped.    

Since these “seconds bags” are in new, unused condition and will still function properly, we’ve decided to sell them at a deep discount instead of contributing perfectly good products to a landfill.   

The Citi Collective Seconds Sale is a great way to get a new, unused Citi bag at a 50%-65% discount while helping protect our environment.  Each style has a unique description describing the cosmetic flaws you should expect. There are NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES/REFUNDS on any Citi Collective Seconds Sale item.