Classic Natural | Mega | Foam Inserts by Toki Mats

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Fulfilled by our friends at Toki Mats

Two internationally certified natural latex foam mat inserts, without the fabric or waterproof covers. Each mat consists of two foam pieces. These are the mega size, measuring 55"x55"x1" when assembled side by side.

How do the classic foams compare to the organic? They are made from the same natural latex foam, and manufactured via the Dunlop process. They undergo different certification processes. The organic foam is slightly more dense/thick than the classic foam, and has more of a spongey consistency. Both are super soft.

To learn more about natural latex foam, read our blog post here. Baby approved!

If you want to test the high quality of the foam, or are concerned if your child might have allergies, please contact us at to request a free sample. Shipping costs not included.

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