How to Choose the Perfect Diaper Bag

How to Choose the Perfect Diaper Bag

If you’re anything like me, then you like options! However, when you’re expecting a little one, you end up having more options than necessary. As a result, choosing the right items for your baby can be overwhelming.

 Here at Citi Collective, we pride ourselves on creating diaper bags that are functional, stylish, comfortable, and easy to clean! Today we're going to be chatting about our three diaper bags: The Explorer, The Navigator, and The Journey, and how you can find out which bag will be perfect for you and your family with no hassle necessary!

  Here are the key areas we will cover:

  1. A brief overview of each style
  2. Comfort
  3. Space
  4. Straps
  5. Pockets + Compartments
  6. Side Pocket Water Bottle Access
  7. The scale of Bag or Wearability
  8. Durability/Ease of Cleaning

1. A Brief Overview of Each Style

The Explorer

There aren't many places you won't want to take our original, best-selling diaper bag! The Explorer is the go-to for stylish organization. If you're a busy Mom that's always on the go, then this practical but beautiful diaper bag might be for you!

The Journey

The Journey diaper bag is where a hard-working cinched bag style meets elegance, sophistication and organization. This roomy organizer will keep your essentials for motherhood, work, school, or travel within arm's reach.

The Navigator

Do you only need the essentials? Then the Navigator might be your best choice! This diaper bag delivers the perfect balance of sophistication, beauty and real-life utility. Its slender body makes it perfect for large and small items, with several compartments for organization.


Here are some factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag:

2. Comfort

We will start by saying that each bag is comfortable to wear! The vegan leather is soft to the touch and the straps are made in a way where the bag is supported on your back instead of digging into your shoulders. However, The Navigator gets extra kudos in this category due to its ergonomic size and plush straps that fit with ease. While the Journey and Explorer are both comfortable, the Navigator allows all of your essentials to be compact with the optimal organization. As a result, it'll prevent you from overpacking!


3. Space

 When it comes to space, the Journey and the Explorer pack the most punch! With over 12 compartments, there's space for almost everything! We used baby swaddle blankets and burp cloths to demonstrate how much each bag can hold. The Explorer diaper bag held three swaddles, two receiving blankets, and a baby blanket. The Journey diaper bag held three swaddles and three receiving blankets. Even though the Navigator is on the thinner side, it still held three swaddles and three receiving blankets. How you pack each bag will depend on the amount you will be able to carry! The Journey and Explorer both have a bird's eye view opening while the Navigator has a flap that opens from the top with a front-facing view.


4. Straps

The Explorer and the Navigator both have straps that are comfortable throughout their length due to extra plush padding. The straps on the Explorer and the Navigator are adjustable, and the Journey has customizable and adjustable straps. This allows the diaper bag to be carried backpack-style and purse-style.


5. Pockets & Compartments

As we mentioned before, the Explorer and Journey both have over 12 compartments! The Navigator is not far behind with over 10 compartments included. Every diaper bag comes equipped with insulated pockets for bottles and sippy cups, so these must-haves are accounted for when on the go!  Having extra compartments allows you to bring everything you need while staying organized.


6. Water Bottle Access

We wanted The Citi Explorer to be able to grow with you through every stage of parenthood. So, we thoughtfully designed the bag with 4 different-sized insulated pockets to make sure that the interior pockets fit any size bottle, sippy cup, or water bottle. With the Citi Journey, you have zip pockets that fit a regular-size bottle comfortably. The Journey is also able to grow with you through every stage of parenthood with 2 interior insulated pockets that fit any size bottle, sippy cup, or water bottle. Finally, the Navigator has 2 interior insulated pockets that fit any size bottle, sippy cup, or water bottle. The additional 2 insulated pockets in the front zipper pocket hold shorter sippy cups, bottles, and cold snacks. 


7. Wearability

Now that we got all the specs out of the way, let's see how each bag looks when worn! I am 5'3" for reference.

7. Durability

As a parent, new or old, our days are usually prone to spills! This can be frustrating, especially when you get a new bag that you’ve grown to love. However, each of the Citi Collective bags are extremely durable and really easy to clean! With my 7 month old I don’t have to worry if a little baby food, bottles, or yogurt snacks splatter. All I need is a wet wipe and my bag looks good as new! After surviving a couple of tosses into the trunk and enduring the bumpy rides at the bottom of the stroller, my bag is holding up well!

We know it can be difficult choosing a diaper bag that fits your needs without compromising style and function!  We hope that this blog post helps you narrow down your choices and you're able to find a bag that you'll not only love, but one that will grow with your family. Our bags are designed to make parenting easier and fit seamlessly into your life and routine. We hope we have the opportunity to not only earn your business, but to also create another Citi Collective fan!

Written by Angelica Rich 



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