Meet Maria

Since your Citi bag will be a big part of your life for years to come, let's get to know each other. 

I started Citi Collective with the intention of helping women feel confident, prepared and beautiful through thoughtfully-designed diaper bags.

After having my first son, I felt frustrated I couldn’t find a diaper bag that incorporated my pre-mom style with mom-friendly functionality. I wanted to help other parents facing the same challenge so I spent close to a year designing the perfect diaper bag. 

After multiple prototypes, sleepless nights and countless samples, the Citi Traveler and Citi Explorer were released. Since then we’ve continued to expand our diaper bag line with the help of our followers and repeat customers.

I'm also proud to work alongside a small team of entrepreneurial Mothers who each support our business in a different way. I love that my passion is helping grow their businesses too!

We are a small business based out of Raleigh, NC (but I'm a Northern at heart).  Our values and size allow us to personally connect with our customers. We look forward to connecting with you through our online social media communities or via email at info@citicollective.com. Don't be shy with questions, we would love to help you!

We hope you enjoy the experience, thoughtfulness, and love we put into each Citi bag!

-With Love-