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Citi Family

Maria is a mom of two boys, athlete, wife, foodie, and coffee aficionado. She loves to travel, laugh, and meet new people.

"After our son was born, my husband Todd and I struggled to find quality, minimalist baby goods at affordable prices. We seemed to be faced with two choices: Beautifully designed, elegant goods with an eye-popping price, or cheaply made goods with busy patterns in garish colors." – Maria.

They set out to design a line of quality baby goods that were modern, minimal and functional at prices that left some money for college savings. After months of design work and establishing trusted makers, Citi Babies by Citi Collective was born.

"As Citi Babies grew, we found that not only did we take pleasure in the improvement of everyday products for fellow parents, but that providing superior customer service to busy, time-stretched parents was a delightful way to give back and exceed expectations." – Maria.

In addition, they've fostered and continue to grow an engaged, delightful community of modern parents all of whom brighten even the messiest of parenting days.